MW BAB 2010

MedWish International Bandaid Bash 2010

Each year MedWish International hosts an event called the Bandaid Bash, which is its primary fundraiser to support its mission in distributing medical supplies around the globe.  The event consists of tours + cocktails, followed by a live auction + music, and various short presentations summarizing the year's highlights.

This commission was for the event program, which began with the theme of 'around the world' and a simple dot pixel postcard.

To generate the cover, a model was constructed which used the same pixelized map, and projected the flight patterns of planes as 3D trajectories.  The rest was type/image interplay.

status  complete_US $200K raised

photo of programs at event

original postcard theme 'around the world' - as received from client

photo of model - postcard to third dimension

final cover with tour ticket insert

inside cover - photo of red bottle covers from warehouse

airport typeface for event schedule