Flip 'N' Read
(collaboration with david nedrow)

The premise of the ArtCity Peepshow Competition (2008) was to express / communicate what an architectural apostrophe might look like.  The call for entries did not stipulate any specific deliverable, so the project team decided the flip book format might best communicate the architectural intention, especially since it encouraged a deeper interaction on behalf of the jury.

Participants were given the option to choose their site, and the team decided a corridor between two buildings to be the most appropriate as it would allow the viewer to experience a muliplicity of graftings.  people + people, people + architecture, architecture + architecture.

status  ideas competition

the front cover was an intentional double entendre, demanding a flip-read on the viewer's behalf, and implying that as a culture we must heighten our awareness (read) our surroundings.

the final deliverable was a flip book, a mini of the Dutch monograph, whose back explained the premise of the architectural document and proposed installation.

example of some of the interior pages.  this sequence illustrates a human apostrophe, an architectural hermaphrodite, if you will.